Health and wellness trends come and go, and some are more impactful than others. During the past year, many health and wellness trends have proven to be long-lasting while others fizzled out. Whatever the case, MyLifeWell is here to give you the rundown on what we believe will be the biggest health and wellness trends of 2022. 

1. Focusing on Mental Health 

The first major health and wellness trend that MyLifeWell predicts for 2022 has to do with the ongoing conversation centered around mental health. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a physical and mental toll on everyone around the globe. Consequently, MyLifeWell predicts a huge boom in mental health care practices, with a focus on the individual.

Your mental health isn’t the same as anyone else’s, so one practice or method of care may work better for you than others. You may think mental health is just therapy and counseling, but it also involves self-care practices that safeguard and improve mental health. So whether you want (or need) therapy, taking care of your mind is pivotal to the physical health of your body. 

When it comes to  caring for your mental health, there’s really no right or wrong answer. If a specific practice helps you and doesn’t hurt anyone or yourself, it’s generally a good option. Mental self-care can involve regular exercise, relaxing activities and hobbies, focusing on positivity, and even getting enough sleep at night.

This trend is already something we have seen in the latter half of 2021, which is why MyLifeWell predicts continued growth in 2022. The focus on mental health will become something that’s talked about much more in mainstream circles, losing much of the stigma that has been attached to it.

2. Strengthening the Immune System

The COVID-19 pandemic kept the conversation surrounding immunity and the immune system at the forefront during the past year. MyLifeWell predicts that natural immunity-boosting practices will become more and more prevalent in 2022. 

Building up and nurturing a strong immune system has become more important than ever.  Your immune system is generally developed in the early years of your life and there’s no real way to build an immune system that’s strong enough to fight off basic infections later on in your life.

You can still give your immune system a better fighting chance and even fortify it by giving it the tools it needs to take care of your body to fight off infections and unwanted bacteria. These tools include supplements, essential oils, a more health-conscious diet, and even just getting enough sleep at night. Immunity isn’t something to take your chances on — strengthening your immune system in 2022 will ensure that your health won’t be at a higher risk of being compromised.

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3. Tracking Stress Levels

The technology behind the devices we rely on every day shows no signs of slowing or becoming obsolete. With the growth of smart devices focused on health and wellness, MyLifeWell sees a health and wellness trend for 2022 that’s growing within American culture: tracking stress levels.

Oftentimes, stress has largely  adverse effects on your health. With heightened stress levels, your body may experience high blood pressure, diabetes, and even depression or anxiety. Stress is not an uncommon daily occurrence. Our lives are packed to the brim with responsibilities and obligations that we cannot ignore, especially with the pandemic. 

So with the invention of smart devices like the Apple Watch, the everyday consumer has access to tracking stress levels. As these devices become more commonplace and affordable, tracking your stress becomes easier. When you’re alerted to high-stress levels, you can practice methods that help you relax — like meditation, deep breathing, and rest. 

While daily obligations and responsibilities are tough to avoid, there’s plenty you can do regarding how you and your body react in stressful situations.

4. Living Life in the Great Outdoors

Pandemic-related restrictions may continue to ease into 2022. Rather than hit crowded gyms, most people are looking to get their fitness fix outdoors. If there’s anything that the pandemic taught us, it’s that being in nature is safe and encouraged. MyLifeWell predicts that in 2022 there will be a huge shift toward the outdoors, especially regarding fitness. 

When the weather is nice, being in the great outdoors is just what your body needs — and that’s even better if you’re going to work out. Exercise brings an incredible deal of benefits to your body, improving energy levels and heart health and making you feel good. When you couple that with exercising outdoors,  the benefits increase tenfold. Living life in the great outdoors gives you variety, challenges your body to new limits, gives your body the exposure it needs (in moderation) to the elements, and — best of all — it’s free!

Popular nature areas are a huge attraction for all outdoorsy types, especially when it comes to fitness. MyLifeWell truly believes this to be one of the biggest health trends of 2022. There’s nothing to lose when it comes to living more of your life outdoors. Take in the fresh air and feel your body thank you — one step at a time.

5. Eating Eco-Consciously

With climate change at the forefront of everyone’s lives, it’s important to start taking note of our effect on the environment and the world. What we put into the environment is what we get out of it, so when it comes to eco-conscious practices, MyLifeWell believes that eco-conscious eating habits will be one of the biggest health and wellness trends in 2022. 

We are already seeing the shift from traditional waste management to composting and recycling and it makes sense to implement these practices on actual consumption. Eco-conscious eating can mean almost anything. 

For one person, it could mean only shopping at local farmers’ markets and using reusable containers. For another, it could mean starting a sustainable garden to grow fruits and veggies. You might consider reducing your consumption of animal byproducts, for example, or even opting for ethically harvested and organic options. Any — or all — of these options work and are a positive step toward helping the environment.

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